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The intention of my blog is to promote transparency in government and community awareness. It is my desire that this blog offers an opportunity for citizens to engage in local government, see what is going on, and offer an environment for citizens to post their opinion. Please be courteous and respectful of others. Profanity will not be tolerated, nor will using this sight to “bash” others. I reserve the right to delete a post. Please also take note that I am unable to respond to every single post. I will try to get to them as I am provided time to do so. As a Richmond elected official, I am dedicated to representing the residents and businesses of Richmond. As a person of integrity, I have no agenda but to do what is right and be a voice to the citizens. I will hold the City accountable for its finances and decisions with regard to issues that affect the community. Thank you for visiting this virtual world. Let’s keep working together to Keep Richmond Moving Forward!

2013 Budget Schedule

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2013 Budget Beginning

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IceFest 2013

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2012 Audit

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2012 Richmond Good Old Days

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RPD Catch the Armed Robber

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