2012 Richmond Good Old Days

by Jaime Greene on September 9, 2012

Good Old Days 2012


So who loved Good Old Days this year? What an amazing weekend!  I was blessed to have the occasion to get out into the community and connect with some amazing residents.  It was great to have the opportunity for one-on-one time and hear the ideas, opinions, and encouragement from our residents.  I was pleased to hear that you believe I have heard you and that Richmond is happy with what I am accomplishing, especially in the area of transparency. I have been blessed with the task of representing your voice on Council.


2012 Grand Marshall Jim & Janice Schultz

I appreciate your patience with me as I have been struggling with my wrist and hand pain.  It has been quite difficult in getting to my blog posts but with some accommodations they should be back on a regular basis.  My surgery was not successful and I am exploring other options.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.


I will soon be blogging a series I am calling  “Campaign Promise”.  It is my desire to break down all my campaign “promises” and explain what I have done thus far and what my intentions will be.  As always I am here by the vote of the people.  It is their confidence in me to make the decisions deemed necessary to govern the City of Richmond.  It is humbling every other Monday as I sit behind the table and carefully make decisions knowing that I have the confidence of the Voters.


2012 Little Miss Richmond & her Court

Let me get back to the intention of this post.  So who loved Good Old Days this year?  Jeff and I never stopped running….from Working the Community Baptist Church booth passing out water bottles, rides, Bump-and-Run, Figure 8 (Thank you to Richmond Fire Department for rescuing my friend Mike), Derby, Children’s games, walking in the parade, the list goes on and on.  I would like for some of you folks to share your Good Old Days 2012 memories!  Any great stories or reunions, would love to hear from you!


It is simply amazing to see all the hard work of the Festival volunteers come together.  Richmond knows how to “get ‘er done” and they did.  Thank you to all who spent countless time, talents, and treasures on Good Old Days.  Your hard work was noticed and well worth it!


Can’t wait for those stories!


Blessings and in service,

Jaime Elizabeth Greene, Richmond City Council


2012 Parade Crowd





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Ginny Macomber September 9, 2012 at 8:40 pm

Glad you are back I have missed your updates. Feel better. Good Old Days was a time to spend time with my children and grandchildren. Just having them over and walking around made great memories for me.


Willy December 13, 2012 at 6:43 pm

I’d feel better about the Good Old days if they paid their own way. Why should I as a taxpayer help this organization, which is a private nonprofit group, pay for their police protection? For that matter the city workers, spend a lot of time putting up signs, etc. ironically some of the are not even in the city.


Matt February 26, 2013 at 10:46 pm

Hey Willy, why are you so negative about everything in our town? Every subject that Mrs. Greene brings up, you immediately say something bad. Have you EVER volunteered your precious time helping one of these evil organizations, or do you only criticize and accuse behind the comforts of a keyboard? Did you know that when Good Old Days started it was mostly funded by the city, then within a short period of time the organization has changed that to maybe a few percent. Then they donate a lot of the money made back to local organizations and charities. So when you talk badly of the festival, realize that you are insulting everyone that VOLUNTEERS their time and all the people that have benefited from it. Finally, if you are so unhappy, please leave our town. Thanks


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