RPD Catch the Armed Robber

by Jaime Greene on April 12, 2012

Breaking NEWS!  Richmond Police have filed charges against the suspect who held up Tivoli’s Pizzeria a year ago in the Armed Robbery.  Remember the suspect fired shots at Tivoli’s employees?


I would like to brag a bit about the OUTSTANDING investigative work completed by the entire Team on the Richmond Police Department!


With the assistance of the St. Clair County Sheriff Office Special Response Team and their deputies, the Richmond PD expertly executed a search warrant and took into custody a suspect who was arraigned Thursday morning.  With the well executed RPD’s investigation and discovery, the suspect is charged with 5 counts of felony charges:


  • Ct1 – Robbery Armed (Felony – life or any term of years)
  • Ct2 – Felony Firearm (automatic 2 years for use during robbery)
  • Ct3 – Assault with intent to Murder (Felony – life or any term of years
  • Ct4 – Felony Firearm (Automatic 2 years for use during attempt murder)
  • Ct5 – Firearms possession by felon (Felony due to previous felony criminal history)


I am proud of our officers and their professionalism.  I am honored to call them our own.


Thank you to the Chief for your leadership.  Here is what made this operation a success:

  • The original report obtained in 2011 at the scene of the crime contained detailed information that matched the evidence obtained during the arrest and lead to search of suspects residence. This case was built upon this evidence and initial interviews.
  • The case was worked restlessly for almost a year by our Detective and will continue to be worked until the suspect is tried.
  • There were several days of surveillance that culminated in the search warrant and subsequent arrest of suspect.
  • There are a few officers who went well beyond the call of duty, but due to privacy I will not disclose their names unless given permission to do so.  If it weren’t for their dedication, determination, and vigilance, the assailant may have never been caught.  I must also acknowledge the leadership and supporting team as well.  With the entire department’s support this may never have come to fruition.


Job well done Richmond Police Department.  Crime is not acceptable in our town, criminals will be caught and justice will be served. Thank you Richmond Police Department. You surpassed your excellent reputation. I thank you for making our City a safe place to live, work, and play!  Now on to a conviction!


Here are links to the articles in the papers regarding this story:




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Ginny MaComber April 13, 2012 at 2:09 pm

Thank you Mrs. Green. Your information was more informative than the paper.


George April 16, 2012 at 4:47 pm

Thank you for the Blog. Your updates are very much appreciated. Very proud of the Richmond Police Department for their hard work on this case. Congratulations to everyone involved. Keep up the excellent work Mrs. Greene.


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