March 19, 2012 Regular Meeting Recap

by Jaime Greene on March 30, 2012

March 19, 2012 Regular Meeting Recap


Productive meeting tonight; I hope you had the opportunity to view the meeting online. Here are the links for the Agenda and Minutes for your convenience.

3-19-2012 Agenda


March 19, 2012 Unofficial Minutes



The following in numerical order were the items for consideration. If you ever have any questions with regards to the Consent Agenda items, please contact me directly by calling or e-mail and we can discuss them or I will provide you a copy.


1) Consideration of Adopting Resolution No. 2012-4/Recognition of State Champion High School Cheerleaders
Action: Dates set Motion Passed unanimously


First off I would like to congratulate the Richmond Cheer Team for obtaining the All Academic award.  This to me is greater than any other award because they had to keep their nose in the books while maintaining a stringent practice and competition schedule. Not only are our ladies athletes, and State Champions but they are smart too. Excellent job Cheer Team!


2) Consideration of Approving the closure of Water Street to conduct an annual Open House/Michigan Chrome Shop
Action: Dates set Motion Passed unanimously


The Moss’s have been part of our community for many years. Their Chrome Shop Open House is an excellent way to spur economic sustainability because they bring folks into town. The dates will be:
APRIL 28TH & APRIL 29TH from 9am-5pm
I encourage you all to come out, check out the “Chrome” and support local business.

*water street will be closed during those times*


3) Consideration of Request to authorize the Opening of Cemetery Section 9B for Lot Sales
Action: Dates set Motion Passed unanimously


We got room. A new section of the Cemetery is now open.


4) Consideration of Adopting Resolution No. 2012-5/Approval of the Request to Conduct the Annual Memorial Day Parade
Action: Dates set Motion Passed unanimously


The VFW requested permission to conduct the Annual Memorial Day Parade on Memorial Day. They requested the City purchase two wreaths that will be placed at St. Michael’s Cemetery and the Richmond Cemetery. In addition they requested the presence of City Council at their ceremony. I am delighted to be in the VFW parade and look forward to the ceremony.


5) Consideration of Scheduling the Budget Workshop Meeting Dates
Action: Dates set Motion Passed unanimously

As stated previously we are in the midst of budget season. Because City Council regards this with such great importance we schedule addition meetings that will offer an opportunity to delve into the budget more deeply and it is my desire to get into the nuts and bolts, continue to go line by line as I have already with the expenditure reports. The dates for the workshops are as follows. They are open to the public and I invite you to attend.

Monday April 23, 2012 5:30pm
Wednesday April 25, 2012 5:30pm
Thursday May 3, 2012 6pm
Thursday May 17, 2012 5:30pm

Thank you for reading. Please continue to comment. Criticisms with ideas are welcomed on the blog. This is your town, get engaged!

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